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Stay - Kygo/Maty Noyes Though I could leave you cause I felt my heart numbing It hits so deep I closed my eyes and I just took off running I turned around and saw the look on your face So I stayed stayed But I don't need you an...

应该就是 I want you back吧 michael5 兄弟唱的。 据说也是过去一百年100首最棒的歌之一。 taylorswift 有一小段翻唱的版本。 望采纳~~~~~~~~~~~

a car, unlike the group she had originally planned to go out with that evening. Ten

Train - "Shake Up Christmas" Lyrics Ho-ho-ho Shake up the happiness Wake up the happiness Shake up the happiness It's Christmas time There's a story that I was told And I wanna tell the world before I get too old And don't reme...


feelin' myself william和麦粒的 应该是

歌名:Spicks And Specks 歌手:BEE GEES 歌词: Where is the sun That shone on my head The sun in my life It is dead It is dead Where is the light That would play In my streets And where are the friends I could meet I could meet ...

sting的every breath you take 吹牛老爹的 i'll be missing you


the next episode——Dr.Dre、Snoop Dogg、Nate Dogg

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