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Asp.nEt linq 查询sum用法

你可以用group by 然后 sum来实现: var list = from it in 你的表 group it by it.产品 into g select new { 产品 = g.Key, 份数 = g.Sum(p=>p.份数), }; GridView里绑定字段“产品”、“份数” PS:这是举个例子,我建议你用英文字母来命名字段,...

具体方法如下: 匿名类型的传递 static void Main(string[] args) { var User = GetAnonymous().Cast(new { UserName = "", LastLoginIp = "" }); Console.Write(User.UserName); } static object GetAnonymous() { var User = new { UserName =...

var query = from a in db.表1 join b in db.表2 on a.bid equals b.id join c in db.表3 on a.cid equals c.id select new { AName=a.Name, BName=b.Name, CName=c.Name };

List lists=new list();//省略添加数据 lists.OrderBy(a=>a.time) //time为object对象的一个属性。默认为升序 lists.OrderByDescending(a=>a.time)//降序 如果获得的是表的数据:db为dbml文件的对象 db.TiemTable.OrderBy(a=>a.time) //time为Ti...

一、LINQ查询符列表 Query Operators Meaning in Life from, in Used to define the backbone for any LINQ expression, which allows you to extract a subset of data from a fitting container. where Used to define a restriction for whic...

linq的多条件查询无非就是用where方法。 var entitys=entityFacade.GetAll().ToDataSourceResult(request, ModelState); if(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(SID)){ entitys=entitys.Where(x=>x.SID=='123'); } if(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(SPwd)){ entitys...


var query= (from c in db.Test orderby c.Id select c).Take(3);


List arr = new List(); arr.Add(1);arr.Add(2); query.Where(c => arr.Contains(c .UserID));

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